Achieving the same quality
as aluminum die casting without molding

Kyoei Design gypsum casting uses vacuum casting for molding to manufacture prototypes and small quantities of aluminum and zinc alloys that are similar to die casting. This method is unique to us as a pioneer in vacuum casting.

Completed castings are measured and checked by a three-dimensional measuring instrument. Quality and dimensional accuracy are guaranteed.
In addition, this gypsum casting method can be applied to simplified molding of plastics.

Die cast gypsum is used in a wide range of fields,
not just industrial applications and home appliances

  • Automotive parts
  • Piping components
  • Audio Equipment
  • Engine peripherals
  • Notebook PC
  • Event decorations
  • Compact camera components for automobiles
  • Home appliances such as LEDs
  • Components for professional-use camcorders
  • Medical devices
  • Theme park attractions, etc.

Low-defect cast products

In the case that gypsum cast is not to standard, the gypsum mold can be modified and the casting method can be changed easily.

cast products 1cast products 2cast products 3

Example of gypsum casting of
high heat radiation alloy DMS series

  • Heat sink1

    Heat sink
    Size: 150×130×100

  • Heat sink2

    Heat sink
    Size: φ50×60

  • Heat sink3

    Heat sink
    Size: φ500×95

  • Frame of the LED lighting

    Frame of the LED lighting
    Size: 300×120×150

Casting of gypsum for automotive,
industrial and ornamental applications

  • Automotive reflectors

    Automotive reflectors
    Size: 400×250×250

  • Automotive key cylinder

    Automotive key cylinder
    Size: 150×100×80

  • Heat sink fin

    Heat sink fin

  • Motorcycle engine joint parts

    Motorcycle engine joint parts
    Size: 80×70×50

  • Digital camera

    Digital camera

  • Propeller


  • Cast gypsum in the shape of roses

    Cast gypsum in the shape of roses
    Size: φ200×200

  • トンボ

    Dragonfly: Cast gypsum
    Platform: Vacuum casting

Inquiries about gypsum cast products

As a master model for gypsum casting, we will also process plastic products.
If you can supply specifications in the form of drawings etc, Kyoei Design can provide a quotation with the optimal materials and machining method.

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